Guess who visited us today at Periwinkle? September 22 2014, 2 Comments

This guy did:

That's a Southern Alligator Lizard! He just strolled on in ahead of two other customers and began admiring our Halloween decor. Sadly, we had to ask him to leave. Something he was not too happy about.

So, Southern Alligator Lizards are found throughout California -- as far north as Sacramento. They like chaparral, grasslands, and oak forests. This guy apparently likes historical shopping districts, maybe he was on vacation? I've been fortunate to never run into one before today; while I like wildlife in theory, he was startling big and bites!

Big thanks go to Glendora Village Pets for coming to the rescue with a net and know how. They escorted him to a lovely new home. If you'd like to meet him, please visit Glendora Village Pets -- they've set him up with fantastic new digs and diet heavy on crickets.